Do you remember the last time you were in a fitting room?

If only this dress were an inch and a half longer. Am I supposed to be able to breathe? I’m either Stretch Armstrong or these sleeves are abnormally short. How does one fit boobs into this?

Enter CALA.

This company wants to save you from ever having to try on a piece of clothing again. Ladies and gentleman, this is not a drill. The CALA mobile app asks you to submit four photos of yourself that are then used to create custom fit garments, tailored for you and only you. We’re on the brink of a size-free world.

Lyn Paolo, the Emmy award-winning Costume Designer behind the fashion statements on Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, Shameless, and Animal Kingdom, teamed up with CALA to launch a capsule collection of custom designed looks inspired by the inspirational women in her life.

Say hello to Gemma.


Named after Lyn’s daughter, the Gemma Coat gives a modern polish to the effortlessness of the swing coat. Black buttons and leather trim give this luxurious topper a tailored finish. Crafted from wool and silk, the Gemma Coat is the first piece of Lyn’s collection to be released and is available for pre-order now. Lyn is releasing one garment for pre-orders each week until the collection launches in May.

Standard sizes are a thing of the past.

What are you waiting for? Get fitted.