Lyn Paolo

Lyn Paolo

We know the ones. The powerful, sexy, transformational fashion statements that adorn our favorite TV characters that leave us with a feeling of lust and desire.

We’re bringing those outfits to you.

Starting today, fans of ABC series SCANDAL, HTGAWM, Shameless, and Animal Kingdom can experience the power and sophistication of its casts ensemble with the launch of a collection by series costume designer Lyn Paolo.

The Emmy winning Hollywood Costume Designer teamed up with CALA to launch a capsule collection of custom designed looks that are available for pre-order today, custom fit via CALA’s mobile app.

“I have taken the inspiration for this collection from the amazingly powerful, determined, intelligent and feminine women that I work with in my career and from my stunningly wonderful friends. It is in this light that I have named each piece after a few of the talented ladies in my life.” –Lyn Paolo

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Lyn is releasing one garment for pre-orders each week until the collection launches in May. Garments purchased during the pre-sale are priced with 20% savings.

The Gemma Coat is the first piece to be released and is available for pre-order now. The Gemma Coat gives a modern polish to the effortlessness of the swing coat. Black buttons and leather trim give this luxurious topper a tailored finish. Crafted from wool and silk.




Introducing the CALA iOS App

Introducing the CALA iOS App

Clothing is intimate. It’s something we don’t go a day without. It’s how we express ourselves, it’s how we stay warm, dry, cozy. We shop for it with friends, family, in stores and online. For the last 80 years, clothing has been about finding the perfect piece in a size that fits. Ask any celebrity stylist the secret behind making their clients look amazing and they’ll say “fit“. Most celebrities get fitted several times a month, so they always look their best.

Today, we’re excited to bring custom fit designer clothing to everyone with the CALA mobile app – available for free in the iOS app store today.  We’ve spent the last 8 months developing breakthrough technology that enables you to shop looks from amazing designers without ever choosing a size. Powered by computer vision technology, you can get fitted with the CALA app in the comfort of your own home by submitting 4 photos – a process that takes less than 1 minute. You can get fitted as many times as you’d like and delete the old photos whenever you want.

By leveraging data from your fitting, we’re able to provide an experience that is far more accurate than traditional sizing, so anything you buy from designers on the CALA platform will help you look your best.

We think your most intimate possessions should be crafted specifically for you.

We have an incredible group of designers that will be curating collections on the CALA platform over the coming months and we’re signing up new designers every day.

Join us as we build the future of fashion.

Co-founders, Andrew Wyatt & Dylan Pyle

Welcome to the Future of Fashion.

Welcome to the Future of Fashion.

CALA is a fashion platform. We enable designers and influencers to bring collections to market quickly, without worrying about production and operations overhead. And we enable consumers, for the first time ever, to have an experience that marries “fast fashion” with the perfect fit of a haute couture garment.

After years of watching my girlfriend’s frustration with clothing sizes and fit, and seeing first hand the struggle that accompanies many fashion designers who are not operations and technology experts, I decided to leverage my experience building intelligent tech to redefine an entire category (as operations head of Shyp) to start CALA.

E-Commerce contributes only 8-10% of the overall apparel market, but it’s growing at an unprecedented rate. Just as newspapers died when Facebook became the front page, so shall brick & mortar die as Amazon (and e-comm in general) becomes the preferred way to shop. Except for one problem: fit.

Clothing returns remain a major cost center for brands and retailers – and it’s shocking that approximately $39.9 billion worth of apparel is returned every year due to incorrect fit. And, despite these massive losses each year, the fashion industry is still operating the same way that it was back in 1939. It’s time for a better solution.

CALA is our vision for the future of fashion. Where clothes are made just for you and only you. Where designers release their new ideas in weeks not years. Where quality outweighs quantity. CALA exists to infuse individuality and diversity into everyday life and to make you feel empowered, proud, and confident. We believe in a world that is size free, where less actually means more, simplicity is the height of sophistication, and technology is the avenue to lead us there.

I’m excited for you to join us on this journey.

Andrew Wyatt, Founder and CEO


Learn more about CALA and shop our latest collaboration – ANTHONY CUCCULELLI x CALA.